AC Repair In Grandville, MI

AC Repair in Grandville, Ferrysburg, Coopersville, MI and Surrounding Areas

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AC Repair in Grandville, MI

If you’re looking for high quality AC repair work in the Grandville area, A & E Heating & Cooling is here for you! We have highly trained technicians who are ready to get your AC fixed and working once again. We have a few suggestions on why your AC needs repair work, what could need to be repaired, and what might need a good cleaning job.

Ways You Could Be Abusing Your AC

Misuse or poor installment are some symptoms on why an AC may need repair work. Your AC could be overworked if you also leave multiple doors open. Or, if you have windows open then you could easily be causing strain on your AC. Your air filters should also be cleaned or replaced regularly, this alone can cause your AC to use 5 — 15% more energy than it should. If you have a split system like a ductless mini-split or a central AC, they could be too big or too small.

Problems Caused By Dirty Components

There are several components to your AC which could be causing strange smells. Your evaporator coils can get dirty, which can cause the cool air to smell funny or even get warmer than it should. If your air filters are filthy, they might not be properly blocking the various pollen, allergens or dust from coming in. A damp environment can cause mold to grow on the fan or the air handler, which is the main body of the AC.

Your AC Is Leaking

Your AC shouldn’t be leaking water or it’s refrigerant. If you have a window AC, it could be pooling up water because you didn’t properly slant it downwards when you installed it. If it is leaking refrigerant, the compressor could be busted and needs to be replaced.

High Bills

If you just had your AC installed only a couple of years ago and your energy bill has started to jump up, you can bet there could be something wrong with the AC. Have the motors or thermostat checked, and again, always check your air filters.

AC Repair in Grandville, Ferrysburg, Coopersville, MI and Surrounding Areas

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